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  1. I stream on DLive now, lost my reach on Facebook gaming. Grinding for partnership on DLive. I want to feel rewarded for my hard work I put in daily. http://www.dlive.tv/zii yes it’s a fresh start but we can do it.

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  2. Seems platforms don’t really support Facebook gaming, it’s rough to reach a goal. Or to share the stream. Still grinding for 2k supporters! Http://www.facebook.com/Ziiamond this is where you guys can see my stream 

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  3. live now on some killing floor 2 with a variety of other games. hope you all enjoy the stream. grind for 10k followers on facebook. i cant do it without you guys! <3 https://www.facebook.com/Ziiamond/videos/721543564893328/

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  4. Chill stream as always, just trying to grow. good afternoon lubbs <3


  5. Chilling on some killing floor 2

    i need all the support i can get! #BBG #CGN grind to be a full time streamer (Again)



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  6. On SOme Killing Floor 2 


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  7. im back <3 


  8. Live Now On Facebook <3 


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  9. i love what you guys did with the site! i lost access to my other account. sorry to have two accounts. been with you guys since 2015 still rocking wit you guys. where do i get the merch ?

  10. going live after i watch the new ahs this going to be awesome! catch me live on facebook <3http://www.facebook.com/ziiamond

  11. ive been a member since 2015 im kinda sad i lost access to my other account ziamondj is my other one i cant access the email sorry to have two accounts.

  12. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!