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  1. , toxinburn 1b6fd8637d58c5dba021450f62e72722

    Playing on Vikendi with randoms etc. if you wanna squad stop in and gimme a shout https://twitch.tv/toxinburn @TwitchShare @Small_Streamers @twitchraid @SupStreamers #CGN #StreamersConnected @vetstreamteam @mobilitygaming @CGNpromo #TwitchOSF

  2. , DraxTV 0f51b0bb0c35feb15d70ae93f7b770f9

    LIVE now with another edition of DraxTV! Had some PC issues yesterday but I think we're all back and sorted out now! Come hang out for another night of TERA Thursday!



  3. , Taliburt 7ec6bf7e43344c5862d097f8427fc453

    Whats up!  Going live for some Fortnite!  Come hang out!


  4. , Nxtrogen 4c89f625f4edd6b01c7818187201ac79

    LIVE with Escape From Tarkov!

    Cheeking some Breekis

  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. , Nxtrogen d94d7f8d3ae13401bb6b5f45f75f0ca6

    Going live with some Rocket League

    Grinding that Rocket Pass!



  7. , DraxTV eaed4b7a5175901cf4e15a81ce8568a6

    LIVE now on DraxTV and it's a Tequila n Tunes kinda night! Hosted by the one, the only.... PIKA ROCK CHUUUUU



  8. , adultnature f07e562355c77dafd82ec66c081ca9cb

    I'm planning a Christmas Special on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring video game, but I'm not sure if this is going to be a complete playthrough or a one-off special.


  9. , Nxtrogen 197a1770801445f60d3f6407d75dbdea

    Going live with some Rocket League

    Grinding that Rocket Pass 2!



  10. , DJRoyster a371d3b84ac6efa420470957abde8809

    Star Trekkin' Across the Universe #StarBound #TwitchKittens
    Life the adventure in a distant land with a ship under repairs will we survive the unknown of the far away galaxies for the first time...
    #cgn @EpilogueGames


  11. , DraxTV 5baba92ebaca016c64a5e83ab7376258

    LIVE now on DraxTV! Finally broke down and picked up SUPER SMASH BROTHERS ULLLLLLTIMATE!!! This game is massive, the unlock grind begins now! #GottaSmashEmAll


  12. , X6FINGERFISTX 9600a915533aa80ee53a5808631ed89d

    Dual streaming some Dead Effect 2 in VR tonight with AnCapGamerr Watch us butcher some space freaks! 


  13. , MrWinkleFlap 64736e4e6dae482156dfd849b46536c8

    Saludos! Had a great weekend with friends! Feeling great this week! Starting off with #PUBG then maybe some #RainbowSix or #Fortnite after! https://www.twitch.tv/mrwinkleflap 

    #Random The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.