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  1. Here's a status update

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  2. , Nathan_Sample 99f1ae4d4425b0f38daa34e57b887020

    Gonna be doing a podcast episode tomorrow night with @zheckover on my Twitch channel. Does anybody have any questions you'd like to ask me or zack?

    When in rome game juice design.jpg

  3. , Ikacake c1e8894dcf005dd2126f2691cb9bc8ae


  4. , DraxTV ef0771dbae663e7cebaf4d8248f60045

    LIVE now out on #Twitch
    Fingers crossed it actually goes down but we're HOPEFULLY playing more of the Season 4 #GHL Playoffs tonight. Down 0-2 against the Wichita Watchmen, come cheer on the Baboons!
    #NHL20 #3v3Hockey #Playoffs

  5. , Jessie1400 227ae93bd648f7569ae7e92bcc76a30f

    LIVE NOW come watch the TGE three game Tournament for @PlayCitadel game code #mondaynightraw lol http://www.twitch.tv/jessie1400?sr=a

  6. , ZiggyMJ_ 2203e336714f34ff6cc6b4d15841ec9b

    Live now playing league with friends! 


    Come show some love twitch.tv/ziggymj

  7. , IArrowheadI 83ed41feb192ea052638375228021fc1
  8. Dear Mixer Streamers of CGN As many of you are aware, Mixer will be shutting down.

    For the one's moving to new platforms, be sure to connect your channel to your CGN Account.
    It's free and allows user to follow and watch from CGN. Link below.


    featured streams 3 (4).jpg

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  9. , Legit_Dinosaur a8afa4d2716d8ee7f540e0ba695823e2

    I wasn't around for the big Mixer, Facebook news yesterday I just found out about it now 

    I pray for every streamer out there that is affected by this, it truly sucks...

    For them that have decided to move to Twitch hit me up if ya want any help, advice or just a chat about it 

    I wanna be there for everyone so message me here or ping me on the CGN discord 

    I truly wanna help! so feel free to contact me! ❤️ 

    Animated GIF

  10. , Icemurda 6c8ddec6a533b238677c26fd96ce1e29

    Soo im guessing mixer is switching to fb gaming which is a bad move, but anyway im with twitch now.. which is sad to see mixer to go, wish them the best... Hit me up on https://twitch.tv/icemurda_ent

  11. , SweetEvie 280b128ea98b704a72fe1d30c3fe2afa

    Sweet Factory is now open! Come through sweet community!



  12. , Legit_Dinosaur ce106e1b4adb58f7d9a96137a1aa1de2

    CGN_ICon.gif.a45313cd2d358e0d3a63aac79145c7a3.gif scp.thumb.png.3a6cc9b05b38e8deb6236a2c3e31a32b.png 


    #LIVE in 15 mintues!!


    Wanna hang out while I play games? a cheeky lurk and a host goes a long way xoxo


    TWITCH LINK --> https://www.twitch.tv/legit_dinosaur


    Doing more on SCPSL on the grind to become a SCP STREAMER Truly love the game, love the grind and love the people its been lots of fun growing the server that i run, meeting the people that play and having a good game! hopefully today we hit 20 players in the server!

    1. toxinburn


      Hi legit nice to see you keeping busy, i am gonna get on myself for a bit ill throw you lurkage ofc.

  13. For all the Twitch.TV Streamers and Twitter Users.
    Be careful using Copyrighted Songs in your Live Streams or Videos.
    The DMCA is claiming everything right now.
    CGN.US just got hit on Twitter and Twitch this Morning.

    Mixer.com Streamers I'd be getting myself prepared for DMCA Claims.
    They aren't going to stop at one place. They will hit all the platforms they can.

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    1. Thegingerbeerdman


      crazy what happened to laid back and fun streaming with your favorite music playing and song requests gezz

  14. Thanks for the follow!
    Gave you a follow back as well.
    Going to be pretty busy today working on the Mobile App so I can get it released.
    But if you need anything CGN related, let me know 🙂 

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    1. Hauntress_Aela


      wow thank you zheck! that sounds exciting! I'l llook forward to your mobile app! and yes, will do!

  15. , DandyCaballero1 10c887532917f531488a71102cbf21ce

    Dragon Ball Fighterz! Figure to have some fun with the new characters and train with my old team. It's been so long since I tried Fighterz out. We'll going through training with most of the cast and go nuts online. Let's have some good anime fights! #DragonBallFighterZ !https://www.twitch.tv/dandycaballero



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