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    Means a lot to me!

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      Thanks for helping me :D

  3. The Voting for #GamerOfTheWeek Ends Tonight!

    Be sure to get your last votes in before the polls close!

    @QueenMalice @Hykiri @BatchGaming @duncanhonuts 




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      done and done

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      @DerpQuest I'm sure they will enjoy that :D 

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      same to you mate!


      kinda new to CGN, been meaning to explore the site some more, so we'll see how it goes! 

  8. Have a Wonderful Sunday Everyone!




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      Thanks man! Same to you! :)

  9. You are Welcome!

    Glad you are enjoying it here, and hey third place with the listing of people you had this week.

    That's not bad at all! We had some tight competition.

    , QueenMalice 2343d658303b26504c18e138966cccf6

    Feel like i have been away for days.

    hey! 3rd place! isnt that like bronze or something?  lol

    firstly,... Thank you admins/owners of CGN @zheck especially for the warm welcome and awesome help when needed and making me runner up for gamer of the week which was totally unexpected. I very much appreciate it!! everyone here is so awesome and i'm glad to have found this place


    NOW to the gritty.  being almost 3 am.. still awake but tired..  i'll sleep soon but first i really need to stream something..  rough day. so i'll be popping up an ESO & chill stream shortly.  within the half hour. http://twitch.tv/xQueenMalice

    kick back and watch, chit chat or ya don't even have to chat at all. i'll be keeping it real with real conversations, little  to no game commentary unless nobody is talking, as i said its going to be a chill stream & I won't be on too terribly long, maybe 4-4:30 am EST..  or unless i start to doze off, in which case i shall kill the cast immediately because i almost passed out on stream one time and no it was not fun to watch in my archived replay LOL

     have not had a chance to play around with my new race applied to my 2nd to Vet character. might hop around on a quest or 2 then off to bed.   (one night i actually HOPE i don't end up with a view count of more than 5 ! im pretty boring to watch on ESO trust me don't do it :P  )

    If i don't make it .. then TOMORROW night late. (1:30 am EST or sooner) i'll be streaming a game i picked up last night that is based on a true story! just heard of it last night,...  its a horror/thriller/survival/narrative type game powered by unreal engine 4 and  you KNOW it gonna be lookin SO good!! (it does.. i checked out some heads up gameplay to finalize my purchase decision)   curious? good.  be there or be square.! 

    hope everyone is having a good weekend! now off to tamriel and fingers crossed i don't fall asleep on cam.   elder scrolls has been known to have what i call a lulliby effect haha.   


    1. QueenMalice


      @zheck not at all haha. I'm totally cool with it. Like I said I'm honored to have been a part of it.  & yes I love it here, well done, I also want you to know I've added the site to my twitch info panels, definitely worthy of a shout out & praise. 

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