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  1. Waking - An Emotional & Personal Psychological Action RPG Adventure Set Within Your Own Subconscious. By TinyBuild. Download From Steam Here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1068600/Waking/
  2. Do You Copy? is a game jam entry, created in less than 48 hours this game see's us been a forest / park ranger alone in a watch tower over looking the park, but are we really alone?
  3. Conformity is a prototype demo designed by Alessandro Capriolo. Its a nice looking res7 style horror game which has great potential. Download the game here: https://ordnas.itch.io/conformity
  4. The fourth and final installment of Visage Walkthrough Gameplay see's us completing the final puzzles to get the remaining toys. But Dolores as always doesn't make it easy! The End Is In Sight!
  5. Part 3 of Visage New Chapter sees us once again roaming this haunted spooky house looking for items to take down Visages Granny. We need a crow bar, compass & a cup of tea?
  6. Part 2 of Visage New Chapter Gameplay sees us finally getting into the basement and finally coming face to face with the nasty, mean and bat shit crazy granny. Will we survive a visit from Visages Granny?
  7. Part 1 of Visage New Chapter Gameplay Walkthrough sees Dwayne Anderson (us) waking up in a house which is full of haunting noises and paranormal activity and insane jumpscares. Can we survive this new Haunting Chapter of Visage #visage #horror #jumpscares
  8. Noctem Alpha Demo Gameplay - Noctem is a psychological horror game with an element of some real life experiences by Dreamtale Studios: Link to Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamtale/noctem
  9. Killer Frequency Gameplay - See's us as a 1980/90's Radio Host that gets some weird, whacky and fun calls from its listeners. The aim of the game is to save your listeners from a serial killer. Can we save them all??
  10. Appreciate the follow! Hope your doing well!

  11. Thanks @Ikacake appreciate it. You seem to have a great community! Enjoying the platform
  12. Freesphere's Tether Alpha Demo Coming Soon! Nice Little Indie Horror Game!


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      That photo is creeeeeepy 

  13. Hey CGN Community Hope your all doing good! My names John but my friends call me Jay, I'm from the UK. I've just created a new channel, I had 1 previously with 100 subs but I wasn't happy with the content. I was rushing videos to get them out and not really taking the time to work on the editing side. And thats what I'm wanting to do with this channel, I will be mainly playing Action, Adventure, Horror and Quirky Demos (sorry no BR). I'm looking forward to interacting with you all and hopefully make some new gaming friends along the way! Take care and i f you have a second I'd appreciate it if you checked my channel out (not much on it at the mo tho lol) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzp2sRZFMXhx10VkW-rNg7Q Regards, Jay
  14.  Lets Get This! Sniper Elite 2 Remastered Part 1 Coming Soon!


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