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  1. Gratz on the partnership deal.

    Added my twitch link in your topic. 

    Would be honored to be in you cgn team. 

    Taking over the world, is one step closer!

  2. Reply with your twitch username and twitter so I can get you all added! Thank you btw for the congrats
  3. Just sent invites
  4. The name of the team is Lost in the Sauce.
  5. THe invite will be in settings, channel and videos. Scroll down
  6. I made a post earlier but if you want to join, post your twitch as a comment. Then follow me on twitter so I can start to set up the group chat
  7. Go to settings>channel and videos. Also need everyone to follow me on twitter. Going to make a group chat on there first before the discord twitter.com/yosoykush
  8. I have added everyone that responded after my last post in the thread. Go ahead and accept the invite. Making a discord in a few days so we can communicate. I have some good ideas, and strategies for all of you and myself as well. One thing though, if you want to be a successful streamer, you have to stick to a plan.
  9. Alright I have made the stream team. It is named Lost in the Sauce. Leave your twitch username in the reply's and I will extend invites. Also if you could, send me some friend requests on twitch. I will set the discord up next.
  10. I am going to submit the stream team to twitch partners tonight, and then when its created. I will extend invites to you guys. I can make a discord as well.
  11. I am not binding you guys to anything, just a group that may auto host one another and help one another grow.
  12. THank you Rover, I am looking for people that stream at least twice a week and are really trying to succeed with their streaming. Going to submit it later today.
  13. I recently got partnered with twitch, and I remember a post from a while back that you guys wanted to get a stream team together on twitch. Well, now I can make one and if you are interested in joining. Comment if you are interested in joining or have a suggestion for the name of the team.
  14. Doing giveaways!!!!! twitch.tv/yosoykush

  15. Title says it all, let me know if you are interested in doing some streams together and/or joint giveaways!