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  1. Find a server with this mod here: IP: Name: RUSTFocus5x
  2. I will need your steam name and steam 64bit ID. This is to add you to the VIP group in the game and to verify your in the RUSTFocus CGN club!
  3. Hey everyone! I have been a member here for a while now and never been in here. Nice to see everyone getting along, if anyone needs anything just follow me on here and add @YGBHawk on twitter. I am happy to help out with banners and motion GFX.
  4. Hey Hawk!

    Thank you for the follow, I hit you back up too!

    Sorry for the delay.  Life distracted me some.
    Hope to see you on soon!

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  9. CGN is awesome! Thats my note for the day....enjoy.


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  12. @YGBHawk Thank you very much for the follow! Much appreciated! :D

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      no worries!

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