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  1. Hey guys, I'll be playing League of Legends tonight! Join the stream, chat me up or play with me if you would like! (winrate: ?? / funrate: 95%) Or just swing by and blow me kissyface :3 See you in a bit!
  2. Streaming for a while tonight. Drop by - say Hi! :3

  3. Going live in a bit, stop by say hi! (link in my profile)

  4. Thanks you guys, you're the best! Sent from my GT-I9301I using Collection Gaming Network
  5. Hey guys! How are you doing? Name's Vlad, nice to meet you! A little bit about me - I'm 24, currently live in Bulgaria and gaming is my passion. Aside from this I love to cook (for myself and others) and I play the bass guitar (what's that..I've never heard of it)in a hardcore band . Gaming has been a big part of my life (have been doing it since I was about 8 years old) - from blow off some steam, to socializing with people and even making friends, but always the top priority is having fun. I've recently started streaming and I find it very enjoyable to be able to be myself (fun and dumb all the way baby), while playing and broadcasting my gameplay and of course interacting with people all over the world. I've been a fantasy fan my entire life,so as of games I mostly play MMORPGs and MOBAs (I'm up for playing anything when I'm bored or have someone to play with). If you ever happen to scroll around streams be sure to stop by ,hit me up with a follow or a kissyface (tee-hee-he) - i would REALLY appreciate it! If by any chance I'm offline, just follow me on @xpancakethief for regular updates and stuffs. Thank you for your time CGN community
  6. Heya guys! I'm streaming League of Legends today. Playing with a couple of friends and my gf. I would really appreciate if you swing by and drop a comment, let me know what you're up to. Cheers!
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