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  1. Back at it finally going to stream tonight and working on a new video project as well!! I am so excited cause it has been so long! But I am back with ideas and content that makes you AW in amazement! I have prepared my blood and tears for these moments to come... Now.. I am ready.. A new change... a new me... a rebirth not only in my content.. but also in myself as well.


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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      love a good gif!! really makes the post stand out! 

  2. Anybody have any stream suggestions or suggestions on how to build a good stream?

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    1. zheck


      Create Content that you can't find anywhere else, or do it better than everyone else.
      There is a ton of people within the Streaming Industry and all of them are shooting for viewers.
      And whether we want to admit it or not, you are technically competing for the viewers.

      Obviously it's a growing industry, so there are enough viewers to go around.
      But if you really want to make a name. Create stellar content that people really want to see, network really hard with other creators / companies or businesses, and brand yourself correctly.

      These are the only things you need to be a successful entertainer.
      And don't forget that each one of us have different standards, so what I see as successful is not what others will.
      So remember that as you work on reaching your goal 🙂 

    2. Xioxakura


      Hmm.... Right.. You make a solid statement there... content they have never seen before huh...


    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      Do things that make you happy, the longer you are live for the more chance people will see you! 
      something you can laugh at on your own and talk to yourself about
      if you have more questions let me know, drop me a message or something
      currently sitting at 1'700 followers on twitch, so I got some experience 

  3. I could use a little bit of help when it comes down to getting people on to my streams, gain new followers and more.

  4. Too whomever sent me ORBS I do thank you so much and appreciate the support.. 

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  5. Thank You all with CGN.US who followed me on Twitch >.< You guys helped me get closer to my Follower goal of 50!! I am now at 39 and I just need 11 more to go! So If I can get 11 more people to assist me in getting to my goal of 50 not only will it excite me to continue my goal and journey in my content I make but it will push me to move further. Been some down moments where I have been wanting to just give up lol but my friends here on CGN.US/Twitter and PSN have motivated me to push forward!


    Thank You!



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  6. I want to discuss this with all of my viewers today on a topic that needs to be expressed.


    With heavy thought today I am changing to a new theme on my streams today. 1. I am ONLY going to use my YouTube Channel for uploads of the trailers I make and for the content I upload on my Twitch Streams.


    2. I am going to be removing the other content from my channel, with this being said I am NO LONGER GOING TO STREAM GAMES BESIDES OF WHAT MY CHANNEL IS ABOUT. This means no other games besides Card Games and Competitive Gaming and Tournaments. With this change it makes a nice balance and control on my channel with a better grasp of what my viewers can know to expect. 


    3. Let me express the Competitive Gaming Part of things as well.. Competitive Gaming also means that I can even post things like challenges, speed runs and more from ANY OTHER GAME. So no taking damage and fastest time completed.

    I do hope everybody does understand with this change it releases a massive stress from myself, content I make for you all and more.. If people want to see me stream other games then I will ONLY TAKE FROM REQUEST. 


    Thank You.


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  7. I can use all the help I can get I need 14 more FOLLWERS to reach my goal all support would be loved.



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  8. #Xioxakura #DBFZ #N1H #DragonBallFighterZ N1H Competitive Series | Dragon Ball FighterZ Opening Video So with the new changes to the N1H there will no longer be introduction trailers as a regular only when there is a Grand Finals Variant. That will be released at a different moment of time and space. But I do hope you all enjoy this video as there will be updated variants of this trailer as more DLC Characters are released in FighterZ. Welcome to the N1H Series!! A Online Tournament that is held and hosted by yours truly where we hold amazing competitive combat with style, respect and honor. If you want to see or even join a system where we do not band characters and with extreme and uncapped commentary follow and support the N1H!
  9. #N1H #Xioxakura #DBFZ #DragonBallFighterZ N1H Competitive Series March 2019 | Dragon Ball FighterZ - Part 2 Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/xioxakura
  10. Xioxakura

    Saiyan Saga | FAN TRAILER | DRAGON BALL FighterZ

    Yes I do, I do Competitive Tournaments, Trailers and more so if you enjoy this or even know people who needs work done let me know as well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6DvBzfOBpYkZcRSy7IDWIg?view_as=subscriber
  11. Xioxakura

    Saiyan Saga | FAN TRAILER | DRAGON BALL FighterZ

    Thank You so much I am spreading the videos to you all on CGN. Again Thank You it took a lot of time to do this. I have posted more on here as well but I will be posting to the rest of them again shortly.
  12. Saiyan Saga Trailer DRAGON BALL FighterZ has finally been released after the few weeks of editing and work that was put into it here you all go. Please if you do like the video please subscribe and like the video. Music By :Immortal Battle - Joseph William Morgan & Crossing Destiny - Paul Dinletir Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit: Super Saiyan Goku Theme I do not own any of the music content used in this video, all english dub is voice by Funimation and Original work by Akira Toriyama and Animation done by Toei Animation. All Editting is done by: Xioxakura
  13. Trying to get to that 50 FOLLOWER mark on Twitch.TV if anybody want to help and assist that would be amazing I am 14 away! I would even follow back the moment I get that notification that you followed me as well.

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