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  1. Random stream either solo or with other streamers playing a varied style of games
    Has been a while since I last posted here so thought I'd drop by and say hello 


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  3. well this wookie cant sleep so why not do a bit of streaming
    starting with overwatch before i get salty then on to something a bit more relaxing

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  4. i started hanging out in others chats and joining them when i was free, even if it was for 20 minutes, or for dropping a host and saying hi, eventually the people in stream get to know you, know your a streamer and know that you are a great person from interacting in chats. In one that i hang out in ive managed to get my own commands, sfx and stuff just from being a regular, and she hosts and raids me when shes able to that is all i can really say on the matter, join, watch, chat, help with raids and youll get the return in no time
  5. think its about time for a late night stream so shall be breaching and clearing on rainbow six siege starting in 10 minutes :)

  6. cant sleep so having a coffee fueled stream right now on battlefield 1

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  7. going live for a friday overwatch christmasy celebration :)


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  8. streaming live with a throw back thursday theme to modern warfare remastered on ps4
    come and watch me die ALOT

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    1. Hykiri


      Wookie is boss!

  9. UK time for me Would be either very late for me or very early for you lol Sent from my D6603 using CGN App
  10. Have all of those if you fancy a three way stream sometime depending on timezones and stuff Sent from my D6603 using CGN App
  11. I agree with open mail box I stream late at night (10pm ish) so is normally when wife and youngsters are in bed If I stream during the day it's when they are out and about with friends Sometimes I stream the jackbox games as anyone can play them as they are party games and the wife enjoys those Also talk to her about why your doing it, as for me it's an.escape from the day to day gaming Sent from my D6603 using CGN App
  12. I have felt the same dude trust me I've taken a few months out and started back with 1 a week Whilst I don't get that many of my followers in I get the ones I care about and have some.others join in As far as the ex goes just block em is all I'll say They maybe jealous that your doing something your enjoying and are trying to destroy that enjoyment This coming from someone who has the same experience as yaself Take care and link us your twitch for an extra follow Sent from my D6603 using CGN App
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