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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      This looks cool! imma check it now! 

  2. I did a little experiment today regarding my channel.

    I've been noticing someone is literally going through all my videos, each time I upload them and leaving a little dislike.

    I'm a small time YouTuber and thought it was a coincidence or maybe I'm just that bad but as I said... experiment.

    I isolated my video, made it semi-private and posted it here. Low and behold... A dislike.

    I do this with most of my videos and never connected them together.

    So firstly, eat a d*** to that one person.

    I really didn't want to do this but how sad must you be? 

    I'll keep my videos off here in future but feel free to subscribe so you can sit behind your anonymity, disliking my videos without giving any feedback.

    Big YouTubers can handle thousands of dislikes but small time YTs, one dislike has a big impact and if you're just doing it out of spite, that's cruel.

    You've won my friend, good job. 


    Anyway, rant over, much love to my #CGN family

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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Yo Woga mad respect for spitting the truth! I know how you feel like in all the love 

      I use to get it all the time back with my old channel with 9000 subs people use to be friend me to get big and when it didnt work out they would shit on my to try and pull people over to them. 

      First I am shocked it could be someone from here disliking the video, Second off, have you been around CGN? sorry to say but the only a handful really check out other posts and even then its not often are you sure CGN is the place it happend? Not got a friend that is doing it for the memes? 

      I can see this one dislike effects you but i don't think not posting here will truly help? I get the feeling you want to grow, by letting that dislike win you have not cut off the thousands of people watching your videos from this website on top of that stopped you from making some money of this website too do you truly want that? 

      I love CGN, since the moment iv joined its truly helped me out and the people here truly guided me to a better place and a more happy place at that, I deleted my old channel, started fresh and already close to 600 subs, discord is up up and twitch is my home now! 

      I always try to support and love everyone, like you said big channels do it for the money and whatever happens its profit but for the small folk it does effect

      You are more then welcome to join my discord and use the YouTube share chat to promote yourself to the 600+ members there if you so wish.. 

      Any if there is anything I could do to help feel free to DM Me, but really think about cutting off all ties to a good social networking website.. 

    2. Legit_Dinosaur
  3. I just realised how close the name of this site is:








    Big Chungus

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    1. Wogawell


      I now cannot unsee it... Wonderful

    2. Legit_Dinosaur



    3. CapnMintbeard




    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      This is pretty dope! 
      have you seen the potion seller video? 

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