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  1. streaming on mixer right now. im playing fortnite and then later black out on bo4. if anyone wants to get in on the fun send me a friend request and message. 

  2. doing a give away at 200 followers dont forget to come say wassup and hit the follow button. 

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  3. RIGHT NOW IM HOSTING HD_xMysticRush, TrueSmokeTV, and Spooby_Yeti. GO SHOW THEM SOME LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!!!!

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  4. WildlyDrippin

    Black ops 4

    yea im really into the last three
  5. Thank you for everyone that came out and supported me. Tune in tomorrow at 6pm for more content. 

  6. whos down to play fortnite


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  7. hello fellow streamers ive hit over 30 followers and im pumped!!!! check out my channel on my page and hope everyone in joys the stream. I cant wait to see how we grow. thank you for the support and love. 

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  8. currently streaming on mixerrrrrr go check it oout and hit that follow button. Trying to hit 35 followers by the end of the week. Lets grow TEAM DRIPIN!!!!

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  9. WildlyDrippin

    Black ops 4

    yooo wassup here a topic starter. What is your guys feeling towards Black ops 4 positive and negative. Im really interested on what everyone has to say about it.
  10. Live om mixer its a mixed game play tonight!!!!! https://mixer.com/WildlyDripin

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  11. Check out my new stream https://mixer.com/WildlyDripin?vod=63301521 ill be streaming tomorrow hopefully at 6pm. If late ill post on https://twitter.com/Lissygaming11

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  12. currently streaming on mixer come check it out!!!!!!!!!!!    https://mixer.com/WildlyDripin

  13. we should totally stream sometime also if you want to come say hi in my chat around 6pm est tonight. keep gaming strong bro!!!

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    1. SGTRECOIL99


      I'll see what I got going on. Try to take Monday and Tuesday off to work on other things

    2. WildlyDrippin


      Just let me know when your available and ill set it up.

  14. Thanks for the follow! Means a lot to me!
    If you have any questions. Feel free to ask by using the Chat in the bottom right hand corner.

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