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  1. Hey everyone! finally up and streaming again! My house is all moved in and im done adulting for the day !!! Streaming COD Ghost shorty! Come chill.


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  2. Come join in and follow now!!! Maybe I'll get a mount drop! :D https://www.twitch.tv/mudstuffinx

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  3. Streaming GLORY OF THE FIRELANDS RAIDER https://www.twitch.tv/mudstuffinx

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  4. Sorry for no stream tonight guys, didn't get babygirl to bed until midnight!

  5. Stream is going to start NOW! come join!! and follow! https://www.twitch.tv/mudstuffinx

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  6. Stream will start at roughly midnight! RAF 300% XP Boost Speed Leveling #WorldOfWarcraft

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  7. Hmmm should I stream gta tonight or WoW?

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    2. zheck


      Both works too :D 

    3. UnseenProof


      GTA that gun running looks fun man ..if you are on ps4 and want some cash ill do the heist with you and give you all of the cash :'D i still have millions on top of millions from my past life haha shhhh but yea my ID is UnSeenProoF

    4. warcraftboozie


      Hahaha thanks! but I play on  PC!


  8. I'm having another streamer coming to my crib tomorrow night to stream #GTA5 

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  9. On top of having a lot of tech issues while streaming, no mount either! The Lich King has won again!

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    1. zheck


      Damn, I was just about to jump in your stream too.

      Was scanning through looking for who I hadn't watched before.

      Hope you get things going though :) 


      And feel free to use the forums for any tech questions. I'm sure someone here can help

    2. warcraftboozie


      Thanks! I'll make sure you see it tomorrow night! 

  10. Stream starting in 2 mins!!! https://www.twitch.tv/mudstuffinx

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  11. Going to farm one of the most infamous mounts in #WoW tonight! Starching 10:30! #invincible

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  12. New power adapter just came! Stream tonight at 10:30!

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  13. hey thanks for the follow on here!

    If you get a chance sometime take a visit to my twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/derpquest

    Fun variety streamer who will try my hardest to make you laugh.

    I'll check yours in the process!


  14. hey everyone so sadly no stream tonight but I ordered a new adapter and it will be here tomorrow!

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