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WKDISGOOD Presents: Trepang2: Symphony of Violence.


My videos are in no way endorsed by the game developers or the artists whose music I have used and does not reflect the views or positions of any companys or their employees.


Sorry for the absence the last few weeks.

Life between the 2 jobs and Family has been keeping me oh so busy.

This awesome video is put to the tune of 1812 Overture - Tchaikovsky. Gory, Violent and way toooo short.


Trepang 2 (placeholder name) is an upcoming indie game in development by Trepang Studios, it's like F.E.A.R. and Crysis had a baby in the Unreal Engine, with some Bulletstorm thrown in too.

The upcoming game is a fabulous mix of Melee, Slow Motion Gameplay, Insane levels of Gore and Action.


Download the public demo today and try it for yourself.


No one does it like Trepang Studios!

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