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WKDISGOOD Presents: Trepang2 - Lets Go (Paint the Town Red)


My videos are in no way endorsed by the game developers or the artists whose music I have used and does not reflect the views or positions of any companys or their employees.


I am in the middle of editing what I hope will be an awesome and unique Trepang2 video.

While we wait on it, here is a short, very violent, bloody montage to a hot beat.


Trepang 2 (placeholder name) is an upcoming indie game in development by Trepang Studios, it's like F.E.A.R. and Crysis had a baby in the Unreal Engine, with some Bulletstorm thrown in too.

The game is a fabulous mix of Melee, Slow Motion and Insane levels of Gore and Action.


Download the public demo today and try it for yourself.


No one does it like Trepang Studios!


You can head to the official Trepang Studios pages here:






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Music is: Let's Go by Jaxson Gamble.

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