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WKDISGOOD Presents: DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods - I See Evil - Glory Kill & Chainsaw Montage.


My videos are in no way endorsed by the game developers or the artists whose music I have used and does not reflect the views or positions of any companys or their employees.


I am glad Bethesda got the DLC fixed and I got into the DLC.

OMG, they throw you straight into the deep end and the action is crazy.

What an Amazing Experience this game is.

I have a few more videos I plan on making after this, won't be right away... but soon.


I loved every second of it, even the spectre possessing the other demons.

Anyway, welcome to my next montage.

This one is another glory kill one with some chainsaw kills thrown in.

I varied the footage from some recorded in slow motion to some at normal game speed.

One thing that did stand out apart from how much I hate the CANDY AMMO pouring out of chainsaw kills was that there is no blood on the chainsaw.

Back in 2016's DOOM remake, the chainsaw would be dripping...


I used the Famine Cheat mode again to remove as much of the clutter as I could.

Bring on a mod that removes this crap forever, lol.


Music used in video was: I See Evil by WattWhite.


I hope you enjoy my montage. Feel free to drop a like or dislike, comment or even subscribe if you haven't already.

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