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Welcome I’m Directionally Challenged, the king of #letsplay and #gaming and you better KNOW the king and lord of the bunnies. To show my lordship over the bunnies I’d like to introduce you to Radical Rabbit Stew, a sort of mario like zelda like 16 bit game. It’s hard to try to explain to you all what kind of #letsplay Radical Rabbit Stew is… it’s like, you go to different worlds (mario like) and solve puzzles about smacking rabbits into stew pots to send them off into space to rescue your chef friends. Thus the name, Radical Rabbit Stew ! But I mean… I guess I just gave you the rundown of what the radical rabbit stew gameplay is like, hopefully you enjoy this episode though! I’m happy to have brought to you all this radical rabbit stew let’s play, because I loved this game! It’s super fun and addictive and fairly short, but whatever, who cares, I love it! I love the way Radical Rabbit Stew Gameplay is like, set up through the the game without really telling you much? It doesn’t hold your hand it just gives you the tools to figure it out… #gaming ! We need more of this in the #gaming community! I’m being serious about that too! Radical Rabbit Stew is fantastic… aside from introducing pugs bunny… but whatever let’s jump right in and let’s play!

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