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DC kicks @$$ - Let's Play GTFO Part 1

Welcome to GTFO the cooperative gameplay you’ve been looking for! Not really.. Anyways hey I’m directionally challenged welcome to my #letsplay of gtfo ! If you don’t know what gtfo is it’s a horror game that is coop, you get together with friends jump into gtfo and try to survive! This gtfo gameplay is brought to you by my last shred of sanity that is destroyed by the very team I work with! I dont know whose idea it was to make a multiplayer horror game but it is a terrible idea! Anyways, this is my lets play gtfo video! I hope that you all enjoy me and my group of pals, Badwolf, Romoret and Cunningxduck! We leap into the fray, fighting hordes of baddies and die, lost and have to do GTFO a1 a thousand times! You guys don’t even know how bad gtfo rundown 2 is! It’s so hard! We’re not like mark and friends alright! We’re not super skilled in this gtfo game let’s play, we’re trying our best to become gtfo champions and get this done! But hey, let’s play gtfo and enjoy ourselves, this is the top funnies gtfo let’s play on youtube trust me… just believe me! Spread the love of this let’s play gtfo video, share it to the world so that everyone can see how fun and horrifying this gtfo gameplay can be! The world must know the terror of this multiplayer horror game, jump in, gtfo and let’s play gtfo! Hit the Subscribe button to become a Navigator! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcTwbldNqmSuf0KBkPl8mA?sub_confirmation=1

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