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Totally Legit GTFO

By Directionally_Challenged, 05/23/2020

directionally challenged here bringing you the best #gaming parody you could imagine! Not really, but this time it’s totally legit gtfo! If you guys know anything about #GTFO you know that it’s a very difficult game, but this is a light hearted funny parody animation to bring some laughts to you all, hopefully you guys like this gtfo parody animation and hopefully you enjoy my other totally legit video. So anyways, the gtfo video game is really hard, like really hard… so I figured a funny video game parody can make those of us who suffer the effects of #GTFO freaking stress filled nightmare… will help us feel some comedy back in our lives. So come one come all, enjoy the parody of gtfo, share some laughs with everyone, share some comedy with everyone! Enjoy this videogame parody and spread the joy to everyone around! We want to make people laugh here! We want to see the world of GTFO shared and everyone wants a funny video in their life! So enjoy, have fun have some laughs and remember, if you like this video share it with your friends! #GTFO #Gaming

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