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draggy's COD marathon part 2: COD 4 modern warfare

By bluntsoutherndraggy, 03/26/2020

game 2 in draggy's call of duty marathon is call of duty 4 modern warfare. this is actually attempt 2 due to some minor complications on my part but i sorted myself out and we got the ball rolling. you can expect draggy's usual phobia of grenades, his new hatred for rockets, his true dedication to bringing all his humans home, and in this stream replay thanks to  imran zakhaev i'm pretty sure draggy now knows what a hate boner is. enjoy! 


PS we did some work on the audio mixing so give us a comment if you find anything wrong with it but @Legit_Dinosaurstopped by during the village clearing level and had no complaints so we're goin off the assumption it went fine.

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