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Mega Man X | Slight Detour - Part 2

Part 2 of my Mega Man X side playthrough where I take it to Chill Penguin and Sting Chameleon!


As someone who knew about Mega Man but never really played the games, I got the Mega Man X Collections for Christmas. The only games from the series I remember playing for a good bit of time are Mega Man 9 and Mega Man Network Transmission. I don't remember beating them but getting real far in those. I have played bits and pieces of other games in the series.


So as a side thing (a side series to my main playthroughs I'm currently uploading) I'm going to play through the X games, which I haven't really played a lot of other than the first one so don't expect great Mega Man gameplay. All of it will have live commentary. I'll probably do this similar to my Gunvolt playthroughs where I might not talk a lot since I'm playing this technically blind but if something interesting comes to mind or if something stupid I want to say comes up, it will be said.


Starting off, I might do one or two levels per part depending on the time it takes me to beat them.


Part 1 is here- https://youtu.be/sn6seH8YBeI

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