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That Rabbit's Dino-mite ! Let's Play A pretty Odd Bunny

Directionally challenged here, bringing you a pretty odd bunny let’s play ! Yeah! What is this game? It’s a pretty odd bunny game hah but no. It’s a platformer puzzle game, so basically you have to try to get to the pigs without being detected so you can eat them. Because it’s a killer bunny game ! If you ever wanted to be like the rabbit from monty python, well this is your chance to embrace a killer rabbit game and become a pretty odd bunny. See what I did there? Yeah you did. Well most of you probably haven’t cause who reads descriptions anyway!? So yeah if you like a pretty odd bunny and want to make your own a pretty odd bunny let’s play why not go check the game out for yourself and download it! You can embrace the world of a pretty odd bunny jump into the killer bunny game, make your own #letsplay and rule the #gaming scene with your awesome bunnyness! https://ajordaz.itch.io/oddbunny

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