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A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME ! Shovel Knight King of Cards Let's Play Part 2

Hey! It’s me directionally challenged and welcome to the new shovel knight DLC , Shovel Knight King of Cards ! It just came out and by that I mean like a day or two ago! So i’m jumping onto the shovel knight king of cards let’s play train and bringing to you the top and most well played let’s play of shovel knight king of cards ! You won’t see anyone doing king of cards as good as me I promise you that much ! If anyone even does a let’s play on king of cards ! I bet too many people are playing other games but HAHA! My last series ended just in time for me to play Shovel Knight King of Cards ! And I’m super stoked ! I’ve been looking forward to playing King of Cards since I heard yacht club games talking about it and i’ve asked them on twitter when it’s coming out ! So I have to do a let’s play of king of cards obviously! How could I not after all ? So anyways welcome to my let’s play of king of cards ! In this DLC you play as king knight! Because king knight is amazing and hilarious! I don’t know how much you all know about shovel knight or the new shovel knight dlc, but you need to embrace king knight! Right now! So sit back, relax and watch as I slam my face into all my problems across the entirety of this let’s play! You’re going to love it I promise you!

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