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The Most Bizarre Life Hacks Channel - Do These Life Hacks for Girls Really Work? (123 Go!)

By Metalhey, 12/08/2019

Are YOU looking for the best Life hacks for girls? Maybe you're tired of that old dress and want to take those oversized PJ pants and make yourself a DIY Dress? With these really simple 5 minute crafts you'll be the life of the party. Hello! and welcome to one of the strangest Life Hack channels on youtube, 123 Go! A channel that is popping out life hacks for men, life hacks for woman, even 5 minute craft videos. But how good are these life hacks? Do these 5 minute crafts even work? We take a look at one of 123 go! life hack videos to see if these "life hacks" really work. Looking For More 100% Original Content? Checkout The Playlists below! 📱Social Media Links!📱 📱 Twitter: https://twitter.com/WoWMetalhey 📱Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/metalhey/

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