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This is the main battle of Chapter 10 in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you'd like to see any previous parts to this playthrough, you can check out the playlist here- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSfsFSyuZCNgHtChz8tFGx6Y1ozpl14LY

Let's get back to the description!


Chapter 10- Where the Goddess Dwells [The Sealed Forest Snare]: After the heinous events that occurred at the end of Chapter 9, the Monastery is on high alert for the whereabouts of this group! Dimitri and myself eavesdrop on the enemy and find a dagger that he recognizes. The Knights find out that the enemy is in the Sealed Forest located near the monastery. We want to go but Lady Rhea refuses. Dimitri ends up convincing them to let us go since it's mainly me seeking revenge for what happened. I won't mention it in the description until way later Chapters, even though the game has been out for months at this point. I'm that nice of a person.

Welcome to my Fire Emblem: Three Houses playthrough. There will be live commentary but for the most part I'll just say things at certain points and make remarks. So the plan is to have the main parts be for battles while having extended Academy sections as "Academy Activities" (labeled as a  .5 part). Main Parts and Sub Parts will be uploaded around the same time. Sub Parts ".5" links will be listed in a Main Part's description if it will have one. Sub Parts aren't mandatory to watch as I will try to summarize what happens between main parts at the start of another main part, but I'd suggest watching them since you might miss a few things. Some Support conversations could be thrown in there due to time constraints.

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End Card Music: The Cosmopolitan [Seventies Chase] by Brad Hoyt

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