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RE-UPDATE YOUR UNDERPANTS - Escape the Ayuwoki New Update 1.5 [#2] NEW Indie horror Game 2019

He's back! Escape the Ayuwoki New Update 1.5 is back with new updates, secrets for us to discover! Yes, we are back everyone for some more creepy MJ horror game, Escape the Ayuwoki New Update 1.5. In this video we explore some of the new locations that have been added but also, figure out some of the puzzles that i missed last time. The clock puzzle, and the door puzzle. Along with this Escape the Ayuwoki New Update 1.5, there has been a Thank You room and a Green Door added. 

Metalhey plays Escape the Ayuwoki New Update 1.5 on PC. 

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RE-UPDATE YOUR UNDERPANTS -  Escape the Ayuwoki New Update 1.5 [#2] NEW Indie horror Game 2019

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