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Sniping Beast As Usual - BF4 Stream Highlight

By UnidentifiedMan, 10/25/2015
The Best Ive Ever Done was 48-4 In the Same Exact Spot, Love My Viewers to Death, School is going on so i dont see many but im sure they will come back when Vacation is around, Always Do, Stop By, And Talk to the VMC membERS

[b]New VMC Powerhouse Montage Coming Soon! Its the biggest one and has Clips From Me and a Fellow Founder of One of the Greatest Clans To be lol Well maybe someday! We are always Recruiting! looking for serious, laid back people who want to have fun on any FPS or games in general, we are already getting big and want more people to have fun with, We Specialize in Trolling, Failing, Wrecking, and we are damn Good at it![/b]

[b]VMC Facebook : [/b][url="https://www.facebook.com/Victoriae-De-Morte-Clan-356400417882658/?ref=hl"]https://www.facebook...7882658/?ref=hl[/url]

[b]My Twitch: [font='times new roman']twitch.tv/UnidentifiedMan[/font][/b]
[b]My Youtube: youtube.com/MillsyIsthaMan420[/b]

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