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"SeeD EXAM HERE WE COME!" Final Fantasy 8 EP.03 w/Rollout Dino

By Rollout_Dino, 04/17/2019

Yo yo yo, guys Rollout Dino here with an exciting new LP! And it is Final Fantasy VIII! Here we go to episode 03!!! I love the Final Fantasy series and thought what is no better way to start our new chapter than by playing a series that I love.  So I hope you guys come on this amazing journey with me!!!

This episode we are taking on the SeeD exam! So we got our GF and now we go to the battlefield. Wait this guy is the squad leader??? And we have someone who talks too much. How will this team function out in battle? So just sit back and watch! Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe to the channel! And as always guys this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next time!

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