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The Vercetti Family (GTA Online)

By Experience Gaming, 04/12/2019

So this Leon Vercetti character that I came up with back in the day ended up being this really big thing in my roleplay world. This character over the course of his five year story has evolved into a story about an immortal creature that started his life in 1864 and lived on into an unknown date after the destruction of earth. I've used this same character across GTAV, Red Dead Redemption 2, various shooters, ARK Survival Evolved, and Conan. With a story starting to where he is a decent age in RDR2 and it presumably ending in the ARKs of ARK Survival Evolved...it's been a long journey. Check out the GTA chapters of his life, where it all started as he raises hell in the streets with his criminal "family" The Vercetti Family.

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