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Early Preview of song for Indie Game I plan on making!

This video contains an unfinished song (made with LMMS) for a Indie Game I plan on developing, hope you enjoy!

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I finally begin my journey of making an indie game! I want it to be a retro style game, that includes all of my favorite experiences of 2D sidescrolling era, with platforming, permanent and temporary upgrades, vehicles, shooting, and melee combat.

It's a really ambitious project, but I'm not releasing anything until it's exactly how I want!

If you can make it to the indie game dev live stream tomorrow (Saturday, February 9, 2019), I'd love the company, or any guidance if you know how to use Unity! I'll probably be following the playlist of tutorials from the "Lets Make A Game Together" youtube channel, took a brief look and it seems solid, can't wait to start!

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