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AMAZING Fortnite 13 Kill Solo Victory Royale #TFue Approves #ATruckk

This game play is from a few weeks back, and i forget to upload it!

I hope you guys enjoy this breathtaking performance! It really is amazing what i can do when presented with different situations :P

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Come hang out with me on my live streams https:www.twitch.tv/atruckk where i stream Fortnite every day 


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If your a fan of social media, please DM me on Twitter or Instagram. I am always looking to support others, network, host, raid & generally help as many streamers as i can. 

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Love each & every one of you! Thank you so much for the support you show me each and every day! 

I wont stop grinding until my dreams as an entertainer/ streamer are fulfilled! But then ill grind even harder!


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