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Drunk Bear Game! Lets Play Drunken Dad Simulator!

By Directionally_Challenged, 08/18/2018

Drunk Bear Game! Lets Play Drunken Dad Simulator! Hey everyone I’m directionally challenged and this is indeed a drunk bear game. Drunken Dad simulator is one of those weird sim games I picked up off itch.io because every now and again I want to find some wtf free indie games. You know, a game you look at and go wtf… Thats lead me on a seatch of itch.io because wtf itch.io games are easy to find and I like free games. So if you’ve ever wondered what being a drunk dad was like or you just enjoy the thought of a drunk dad sim then I have the game for you! A drunk dad simulator! Where you are a drunk bear… because I guess bears need to get drink too. Drunk bear game for the win everyone! I actually enjoyed drunken dad simulator for what it was, a fun little game where you just wander around and get your beer and have fun. The world needs more weird sim games and wtf sim games. It needs more drunk bear games. It just needs more wtf games in general and weird indie games. I’m proud of the world I’m helping to create by supporting drunk bear games. You should be too.

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