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"SO THE CREEPS COME OUT" Stray Cat Crossing 01

By Rollout_Dino, 05/05/2017

Yo yo yo, guys, this is Rollout Dino here with Stray Cat Crossing a game that I found just randomly and thought I would play it! So I hope you guys enjoy and I will see you all in the next episode. This is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next time!

About the game: 
Stray Cat Crossing is about Cat's disturbing past as a young child. She overheard that her mother was pregnant and talking to the father, Benjamin, that they'll have to move houses and there might not be enough room for Cat.
Cat is then upset by this news and she decides to run away from home feeling unloved. Her parents eventually notice she's missing and they set out to find her in their car. While Cat is wandering the dark streets she comes across a stray cat which symbolizes loss and being alone. She is then traumatized by a car coming her way and she quickly moves out the way, but the car swerves and hits the tree, setting the car into flames. Little did she know her parents were in that car. Claimed Cat is responsible for the death of her parents, Cat goes through it all again.


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