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"A MURDER MYSTERY???" Alicemare 12

By Rollout_Dino, 04/28/2017

yo yo guys Rollout Dino here with a new LP! It is called Alicemare and it is a RPG Maker horror game. I stumbled on this game and thought I should do an LP on it give me your thought on it. Should I continue or scrap it? As always this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next to me!!!
About the game: The game follows an amnesiac young boy named Allen who was placed under the care of a man called Teacher who looks after four other children. One night, Allen investigates the rumor of a mysterious voice on the second floor and when he returns to his room, he finds a strange black cat who leads him into his closet and he winds up in an even stranger Dream. Now caught up in this World, he is forced to help the White Rabbit retrieve the four World Keys scattered throughout and hopefully find a way back home.


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