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  1. Hey all 



    New content on my twitch page :) why not check it out? if you like, hope you drop a follow ;)




    Also i have a Facebook page :-D



  2. Thanks for the follow ?

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  3. Hey all! Fathermothers, brothersisters!

    Been playing sea of tvieves the lasst couple of days. I'll record what i can. But i will be making a review of it lager on. If the rules permit it ?


  4. Lucio play og the game ? Comments are still fun guys! #How much damage did i inflict? #vangsviking
  5. Hey everybody!


    Live and online again at www.twitch.tv/vangsviking

    Also use: www.caffeine.tv/vangsviking


    Hope you stop by and say hi sometime ?

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  6. Long time no stream. i have lot's of new games=9 donnu wich game to choose :-P

  7. Hey, Oh, maybe just keep it here then. After all this is a gaming site not an art site. But i thought if someone want's a logo made or something, they could go here and ask someone for help or even ask someone to design it for them.
  8. Hey Anybody in here on Deviant art? Though it would be cool to share artwork or whatever it is you do make :-) my deviant page is: http://bambuz.deviantart.com/
  9. witcher 3 stream later on, with a possible guest =)

  10. Ahhh! sunday, the international chillday=) have a good one =)

  11. stopped by, though i'd leave a footprint :)

  12. Just stopping by to say hi :-) have an awesome weekend nerds! :-D

  13. good stream today, not easy talking to yourself for an hour thirty minutes :-P hoping there will be more viewers next time :-)

    1. zheck


      Keep pushing man. Don't let the few viewers keep you down :)

  14. one hour of streamingand not one viewer :-(

    1. zheck


      It happens man, we've all been through it, but keep your head up. I'll try my best to watch you when I can :)

    2. Vangsviking


      thanks for the chinup:-) not fretting though, i'll get there. just need to dedicate more time to the stream.

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