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  1. The BEST VR stream is live!
    Starting off with Synth Riders and then Beat Saber! Come request your favorite (mapped) songs!

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  2. We just release one of the best episodes yet for our podcast!
    Check out Buffer Buddies on your favorite podcast app and listen to episode 79!


    Whats Buffer Buddies? Well, it's a movie podcast but not any other. It's also our community movie night!
    Think MST3K but totally unscripted and with a group of friends! It gets pretty wild at times and we almost never talk about the movie. The best part? YOU can be on it too! Check out our website for the info: https://www.bufferbuddies.com

  3. Live with the best #MixedReality #VR on twitch: #SynthRiders and #BeatSaber


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  4. Orange County, California
    If you live here and looking to make some friends join our meetup group!
    OC Streamers Meetup Discord


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  5. Who remembers The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
    Catch us live tonight at 8 PM PT (Your timezone: https://udld.rocks/8pmpt)

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  6. Tiffany is live making her Sora from KH3 cosplay crafting 


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  7. Our MONTHLY Giveaway prize for March is: Anomaly 2
    All you got to do to enter is watch our stream!  https://udld.rocks/monthlygiveaway


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  8. New A.I. Reader video about Hoarders.
    Watch as it takes 2 adults 4 mins to read about a page of text!


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  9. If you're looking for a scifi comedy show or another source of gamer background noise, then Futureman might be for you. In our latest blog post, you'll find out why this show might be a great pick for those who liked movies like Superbad or Pineapple Express.



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    1. CuzinT


      This Is Wonderful. 

  10. Highest quality mixed reality VR Beat Saber stream!
    If you've never seen Beat Saber streamed in mixed reality you NEED to stop by and request your favourite song!


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  11. My co-streaming partner, Tiffany, is playing the Promto DLC for Final Fantasy XV.
    Make sure you tell her who your favourite boy is, she would just LOVE to know!


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    This is a super narrowcast but we're starting a Meetup group for OC!
    Join: http://twitchoc.org

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  13. Our latest video where we read generated script written badly by A.I.

    If you enjoyed this please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel: https://udld.rocks/youtube 

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  14. Fallout 76 isn't a dumpster fire anymore but still continues to be the most hated game in recent memory. Favalava believes that the modern game industry is partly to blame, find out why in the latest article on UpDownLeftDie.com/blog


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