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  1. Cheers for the follow, dude!

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  2. , zheck 09fccc4594e49e9ef9b3988429c4865c

    Added a few More Updates to the CGN Discord today!

    If you haven't already joined, be sure to do that! Now have a good night!



    cgn discord.jpg

  3. , xPVTxSKITTLESx 4412069d3c6d18d85e28cd3bf82be4db

    Late Night Gaming on Yakuza 0! http://www.twitch.tv/xpvtxskittlesx

  4. , taylor_farrell 2398ab399b11ddb2600a2ea8e4139122

    I'm live over on Ghost Recon: Wildlands, come hang! www.twitch.tv/taylor_farrell

  5. , xPVTxSKITTLESx 41933999769d23b8e741bb614f8b05d3

  6. , celtic_surfer 483a2ac18949a2aac2a31dbd84239935

    Going live in 20 min | #LeviathanRaid Fresh | #Destiny2 | https://www.mixer.com/Celtic_Surfer

  7. , THGINK-KCALB 55d62865e1aa71eb8be838c7bdaff405

    Time to try a new game!! Fortnite is the latest game to bless my Game Collection. I will be playing this on PC at the moment. Tonight I will be playing the standard mode as well as the new Battle Royale, which is a cartoonish version of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. It was time to try a new game and this looks like it could be a keeper. Tonight will be my first gameplay on Stream and I look forward to seeing you all stop by to say HI and check the channel out. If you like what you see feel free to support me by SMASHIN' that Sub button and leaving a like!!

    ---> Live Stream -- https://gaming.youtube.com/c/ThginkKcalb/live

    Fortnite - 1.png

  8. , General_Keenaye 4c5704814f3ab75de57fd2424bfbfb44

    #StopBySayHi #Divinity #OriginalSin2 #NewGame #BlindLetsPlay #Livestream FCG2A #Weekly in 20 minutes! https://cgn.us/General_Keenaye

  9. , KreebaGamer a6c78c6be90c3611932f8492916bcdd8

  10. , madzell 95740d018a007f221b7db7806aa3eaf7

    I have been nominated for Gamer Of The Week. Which is awesome B) If you would like to vote for me, go to https://cgn.us/vote Even if I don't win it will still have been awesome to be nominated B)

  11. , madzell 60e89c19446fb0f4dfe758cfc9679331

    Stream on! Continuing first playthrough of The Witcher My Twitch



    If you want to vote for me, https://cgn.us/vote

  12. , TheSanguineCaptain a6d221854f9d2868bc8f444eb1bc0262

    Starting #Destiny2  now! Come in and cheer on me as I grind ^^ 

  13. , TAZmarie 49edcd4028c7b6129f1f499b485529e9

    500 Subscribers = Game Code Giveaway! Have you subscribed yet? ☺️✌️👍👌





  14. , TAZmarie b3c25cc33d9a1b9d18c1960d75846275

    Connect with me on Instagram!! 




  15. , TAZmarie 948898a70285b3756d1ee68e5560f9fe

    What game should I play? #Twitter #Poll


    Click the link below to cast your vote!