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    Join me while I play Halo 5 pvp!


    #Halo #Halo5 #Halo5Guardians #343Industries #Microsoft #Xbox #XboxOne #XB1 #Xbone #Twitch

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    Nothing like some ease back night of ESO with a friend who pretty much crash coursed me into PVP at lvl4 xD  good guy, helping each other out with some grinding and armor/weapon craftin, etc.. might snag a clip or two! i've missed just PLAYING casually,  no streams no anything just group up and go. 

    relaxing. & one of my favorite games - cannot WAIT for Morrowind! 

    I plan on expecting the collectors edition for my birfday  LOL  MAKE IT SO! *rubs the Buddha belly*



    1. kattatonia


      Yassss!!!! ESO PVP for the win!!! *high fives*

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    Our Most Recent Episode of PWN3D! Goes Live on Youtube soon!

    Be sure to check it out! @CrimsonRaven85 @RiseUp44 




    pwn3d crimson vs riseup.jpg

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    Big thanks to everyone who showed up to the CGN Plays Fallout!

    @PrincessCassie @kattatonia @bydus @kp0llux @TheFabldOne @Miss_Pierce 

    And many many more! Hope to see you all again tomorrow night!





    Scene 2 2017-04-14_01-23-33.jpg

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    This week is a bit crazy for me so I will be streaming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00pm beam.pro/reanimateher  My inlaws are coming out for a visit and I will not be streaming again till Tuesday Evening. If I can get a stream in I will post.

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    Here it is!!

    Friday all of chat will be allowed to join, first come first serve <3

    If you'd like to join some of our ~Sub Servers~ (Conan, 7days to die, Ark)

    You can by 

    Become a Zombie SubMuffin Here: https://gamewisp.com/channel/queen_belikov


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    2.074 / It can't rain all the time... #RainWorld http://Twitch.tv/ResonantDrifter


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    we are and have been live for awhile come out to see me lose every game and rage https://www.twitch.tv/u_b_gaming @cgndotus

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    Short Overwatch stream! http://www.twitch.tv/xpvtxskittlesx

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    Going LIVE! On that SUper Mario 64 call back this sunday! Gonna be tons of fun : ) Come chill at https://www.twitch.tv/bydus and hang with the @B-TEAM as we talk about nonsense together n stuffs <3 


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    (PS4/UK) Zombies EE Attempt (!sub !games !store ) #TroopsStandTogether #BS07 #IGTV https://www.twitch.tv/lieutenantkissme

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    Live tonight 7pm CT with some Wrestling ! https://www.twitch.tv/drod2222 ! 


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    300 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY HYPE? | #ThisIsBattleRoyale | !giveaway !loots https://www.twitch.tv/irvin2k Come and join the stream for a chance to win hit !giveaway for details, only 2 more followers to go and then the giveaway will begin!





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    https://beam.pro/Rhiza-B317 Come join me! I'm streaming World of Warcraft Low Level Hunter Leveling!