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  1. To all of my fellow US gamers and streamers,

    PLEASE contact your Congressional representatives and the FCC to support Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is critical not only for our love of gaming and the gaming community, but also for the growth, development, education, and interconnectedness of our country.

    Much love to you all, I appreciate the hell out of all of you. ?

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  2. I know it's my Destiny! #Destiny2 all day today @ http://twitch.tv/unMasqedGG #CGN 

  3. #PUBG: Or, How I Learned By Dying a Ton. http://twitch.tv/unMasqedgg

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  4. Get good and die trying - live with #PUBG. http://twitch.tv/unMasqedYGO 

  5. So...I might be streaming some PUBG tonight. Long time no see. 

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  6. Quick announcements:

    - PunNGames is back to unMasqed.

    - Consolidating back to old channel (http://twitch.tv/unMasqedYGO).

    - Can't really solidify a stream schedule - schedule is too volatile.

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  7. Sunday plan (I hope):

    - Get back from airport

    - Set up old phone as second cam

    - #YGO stream


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  8. It's time to D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL! Ex-National Qualifier returns for glory! http://twitch.tv/PunNGames #CGN #YGOPro #YGOProPercy #YGO 

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  9. So uh, how do y'all feel about Yu-Gi-Oh! tonight? Because I'm itching for some #YGO action. #CGN 

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  10. From me to you. #CGN #TwitchUnity 


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  11. Now that's what I call a Micro Center run.

    1500X + Gigabyte AB350 for the lady.

    1700X + ASRock X370 for me. 


  12. Woo! Official #CGN panel has been added to the stream page. 

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    1. zheck


      Wooot woot! :D

      Feel free to join the Partner only Discord as well!

  13. Looking for something campy to play. Anyone got suggestions? Was thinking #Guacamelee? #CGN

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  14. June got absurdly busy out of nowhere. I'll stream where I can, folks. #CGN

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  15. Experience tranquility - #Overwatch morning! http://twitch.tv/PunNGames #CGN

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