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  1. Streaming! All Night, Come Chill! or Even Come Play with me always down for a Squad or Duo ON PUBG! twitch.tv/UnidentifiedMan

  2. Streaming PUBG looking for Squad mates or Duos, Hit me up im a decent player, I love fragging lol. Hit me up and check out the Stream, Im back baby! I also made affliliate! Twitch.tv/UnidentifiedMan

  3. Happy Birthday UnidentifiedMan!

  4. TC's Siege Tonight Baby! Come Chill With VMC twitch.tv/UnidentifiedMan

  5. Once Again Pubstompin with Yah Boy and His VMC Homies. Maybe some fallout 4 later come hang or even play! Much Love Twitch.tv/UnidentifiedMan Love doing this everyday with or without a chat haha Always in Good Fun!

  6. bout ready to shred some people on black ops :) lets gooooo

  7. Add me if you want :) Love To make Friends, If Your Looking to Join a Big Clan VMC Hit Me Up! Much Love and GOOD VIBES!!!

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