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  1. Thanks for the follow :)

  2. League of Legends - EUW Ranked Top Lane Informational
  3. trollmerito

    So glad to find you

    I am so glad to be here. I really love the idea of a dedicated gamers community! I hope, or better, I know that the community will grow big very fast
  4. Hi my name is George and I have been playing video games since the Amstrad 6128 days... No no I am not that old.

    I was streaming and playing competitive on Lineage 2 for many years, and was 3 times Olympiad Hero, and owned Aden Castle.

    The game went down the wrong path and now I am into League of Legends.

    I started LoL at the end of S7 and I main Top lane, mainly bruisers and AP champs. I am currently trying to climb.

  5. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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    1. zheck


      Welcome to the platform!
      Hope you enjoy it here!

    2. Ikacake


      Welcome to CGN!

      Feel free to ask questions if u need help the Support button is on the bottom right cover!

      Also, be sure to stop by the introductions forum:  https://cgn.us/forums/forum/87-introductions/  

      To make an introduction!!!


      Be sure to connect your stream to your profile.
      Link below!