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  1. We are live, no cam, mic is working, sweaty Slayer, sweaty Arena, and sweaty Swat (I dont play swat, please send the medevac and help meeeee) come hang out, drop a follow, drop some bits, or toss a sub, I have 1 emote live and more coming, lost 3 followers all because I was streaming the day before and the day of my grandmas funeral over the title, I was distracting myself until I had to leave for the funeral. I still am hurting inside because I lost my grandma, my friend, my mentor, my teacher. Come join, stay awhile, drop a follow, drop a sub, drop some bits or just come to watch my above average gameplay on H5 and MCC. I do play with my viewers when my homies arent playing. APEX Legends after a while. Playing on an alternate account to avoid sweaties, and that doesnt help when 1 person is ranked champ in swat and onyx in slayer/arena. I'm only d2 in slayer and p6 (should be d1) in arena.

    Gamertags: Pwned Trigzy and Twodragoon80859

    Toss a message to either and I'll invite to party and game.


    The Pwned Corner

  2. Sub badge is LIVE and emote goes live while at work later with more on the way. Just grinding H5 arena on a mess around account before work. 


  3. I am back to CGN. Sorry I have been away for awhile, like a year and a half or something, I forget and no I didnt forget about the site, was busy for a while. Where to start, let's see, I just got promoted to Shift Leader at work Friday, got married 2 months ago to the one who always gives me motivation to work, and to strive to go above and beyond expectations. Her 3 kids accept me as a Father figure and I have told them, you don't have to call me dad, I do ask that you call me by my name and listen to me when I'm talking to you 3 as an adult. I will continue showing you 3 respect and loyalty, I will not favor one or the other, I will ask what each of you like and that will give me an idea of what to get you. I moved into a 4 bedroom home and the unused room is the gaming/theater room for the family to relax, and spend time with each other, and at the door, we have 4 bins that say each of our names, and a sign above the bins, leave your phones, tablets and handheld gaming devices here in your bin, when the family is in here, its family time, when you're in here, turn your phone on vibrate or low volume so you know when you are needed and you to finish up or pause and come back to it. Have a good day everyone, and I will be more active and post a bit more.

  4. We are going live @8:30am CST with gears. Grinding Escalation with Viewers and then Halo @2:30pm CST and ending with Fortnite. Viewer Monday ^.^

    Raising money for a new headset. :( headset shorted out on me Friday. Been using the Kinect mic and ear buds.  

  5. We are live. Everyone is welcome, squad where you at?


  6. Fortnite Battle Royale tonight with Viewers and Followers


    Sword Art Online stream Feb. 22, 2018 with Viewers and Followers, to those who pick it up day of release, catch me at 11:00pm CST the previous night and watch me create my character and get started with SAO, I will be playing with my homie Chaotic

  7. Its official I am competing on Feb 11th in the HWC FFA in Illinois. If any CGN member live in Illinois. Come out to support me, I will be wearing my Washington eSports Jersey that has my old league of legends ign on the back, iMiSTY. Grinding FFA TONIGHT


  8. We are about an hour from starting stream, if the MLG Mexico City Gears Open doesn't immerse me into the upcoming competition for myself and my old school gears team coming back. We are awaiting Gears 4 to finish reinstall. Time to go hard in Escalation (which is the only game mode for Pro Play) Rip KoTH, TdM, Execution and Guardian in Pro Play for Gears. Plus RIP Wingman Tournaments



  9. Streaming some halo and fortnite later tonight @6:30pm CST 


  10. We are Live going solo in HWC


  11. Need some help fam. Asikaa is going for that 10k and won't sleep will it happens. Would ya do me a huge favor and drop s follow?


    I do ask refrain from trolling, I have her permission to promote her stream 

  12. Fortnite with viewers and followers @4:50pm CST

    The road to 2k followers begins


    I will have a queue just to handle the games. 3 games with each viewer on the queue rotation. Come one come all lets get LIT and lets have fun. I will be giving one CGN member honorary mod to help with spam and otherwise, if they're willing to help out and in return you get first priority of first pick and join my party and game regardless of queue.

  13. Next stream: 6:30pm - 10:30pm CST later today.

    Fortnite with viewers/followers. Halo will return the next day.


  14. Just on that arena grind to diamond or plat 6


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