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  1. Joel makes haste to find and save Ellie. The end is nigh....
  2. Hey everyone! It's been a very productive month for me so far (even though it's the beginning of it) and I haven't been on here as much...


    It's just because I'm currently in the transition between roommates as my current ones are moving out in a couple weeks and my new ones will be moving in then too!


    I'm currently wrapping up whatever projects I want done before I go on my potential long winter break, which includes a 12 Days of Star Wars Holiday Special, starting today!! The video for that will be on here a little later


    Hope everyone is staying safe out there!

  3. Joel's search for Ellie continues, while Ellie tries to escape the Fireflies
  4. Joel and Ellie barely make it out of the University as the winter is coming.
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