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  1. Bored af weather is nice though but I think my VA compensation appointment went well i believe i will have my 100% soon so to celebrate lets kill the heck outta some demons https://twitch.tv/toxinburn


    I have never really asked for any  help but I truly am in a pickle atm I cannot work while i go thru this process plus i am in the middle of a legal battle with my job over discrimination over my disabilities they hired me with and they have forged tons of Federal documents etc its bad someone could even go to federal pen for all of this. Anyhow I have to drive on and push through it but if anyone is able to help at all financially anything is appreciated and will go to helping feed 3 kids 2 dogs a cat and my wife ill starve if they can eat and have what they need first. But These are all methods of payment I could take and transfer back out to use if I have left over it will be given to a charity or someone else that needs it.


    if Anyone wants to help while i cant work these are awesome ways you can help
    paypal [email protected]
    BTC: 3ERLgRUQtStPjKeieJpDs2p8nvjbr6nU1E
    BCH: qrmh7vdhqt5yqw47zafw6c9fgnezr5gk854v88a7wh
    LTC: MMCtLW8uxUV6kB84rQSPcYPzyXEakE9JtZ
    ETH: 0x997e251635Fd289F1107BB817e8814285Bf0ec0f

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