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  1. @ToxicBlood05Thank you for following me, I appreciate it and it mean a lot to me. I follow you back, stop by my stream sometime and I stop by stream as well. Welcome CGN, CGN is a social Media gamer website. CGN have great deal on games, clothes and etc, you talk to other streamer, give great advice with each other, support, follow and help each other to. The owner of CGN is Zack and unseenproof, they are an amazing guys, kindness, sweetness and grateful. Please follow me on Twitter, twitch, YouTube and CGN. I appreciate it and have a wonderful day.

  2. Hey there, thanks for the follow!

    And congrats on hitting 200 followers on twitch :D

  3. Doing a Monster Hunter stream tonight!!!! Hit over 200 followers and it makes me super happy!!! Thank you all for the support!!! Come out and watch me slay some monsters with my friends!!!! I would love to meet all sorts of new people!!!!! twitch.tv/toxicblood05

  4. Going live in 10 minutes!! Come check me out and watch me whoop some booty on fortnite!!! twitch.tv/toxicblood05 COME CHAT COME PLAY COME DO WHATEVER!!!!!!Me and a buddy are getting down on some Dyling Light The Following! Come join us in some Parkour Zombie fun! Use command !scream if you wanna try to scare me also! Come check it out and enjoy the stream with me! Always down to meet new people and have tons of fun! Stream starts in 10 - 15 minutes!!! www.twitch.tv/toxicblood05

  5. Thanks for following!! Do you stream?

    1. ToxicBlood05


      Yes getting ready to stream right now actually lol :D

  6. Ello ther brudda

    Thank yo ufor the follow.

    Togetta, we know de way

    1. ToxicBlood05


      Haha, love that! I know de way

  7. Thanks for the follow #GameOn ! 


  8. Thanks for the follow :D 

  9. Getting down on some @PlayOverwatch with @SuitedSilence!! Come check it out! Playing Metal Disney Covers on my stream also!! @scbrigade @supcreators @MyGamingCareer #twitchkittens twitch.tv/toxicblood05

  10. Going live in less than 10 minutes! Getting on Fortnite for some awesome Duos!!! Come check the stream out and chat it up with me!!! @supcreators @scbrigade #twitchkittens twitch.tv/toxicblood05

  11. Going live in 5 minutes for Ark Survival Evolved PS4!! Come check out the stream while I build up for PvP and get more tames! http://twitch.tv/toxicblood05  Join me if you want or watch me become a god!! :D@supcreators @scbrigade #twitchkittens

  12. Hey! Thanks for the follow!

  13. Hey thanks for the follow sweetie

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      Your most welcome!

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      Hope your having a great day :)

  14. Thanks for the follow!!! B)

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      Of course, your welcome!

  15. Good afternoon, Toxic. Thanks for the follow! I just followed you back!! :D

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      Your most welcome! Thank you!

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