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  1. how's everyone doing tonight?

    1. MavenOfMisfortune


      Okay. Fixed my internet so I could stream again! You?

    2. Totainium


      ah thats good to hear! im doing good, just trying to find something to do a bit bored tonight

  2. Hey everyone I've been lurking about the site for a while now but now I have finally got the time to properly introduce myself! My name is Totainium and I'm from Northern Ireland you know that place where Game of Thrones is filmed (I'm also an Extra) I've been pretty much a gamer my entire life so its one of the things you will always find me doing that and I've interests in photoshop and video editing too on the side but yeah mostly gaming when ever I am not working. I pretty much go by Totainium on most platforms so I am not that hard to find I stumbled upon this community when i got a retweet from the main twitter account and I have been looking around ever since. everyone here seems very supportive and i hope to get to know you all and work with you all on some projects if you are curious you can catch me at http://twitch.tv/totainium and I am considering adding Beam to my list of places to stream also at a later date thanks for your time guys!
  3. my stream last night was a bit of a mess thanks to OBS not being up to date mostly that's my fault but at least it will be fine for next time, also thanks for everyone that actually turned up to have a little watch i know there was a small crowd

  4. hey guys starting up a little last minute final fantasy xv side questing stream feel free to drop by and say hi im always up for a chat and getting to know the community here on CGN :D




  5. got round to finishing Final Fantasy XV at the weekend what did everyone think of it? personally i loved it

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    2. Totainium


      yeah there isn't much to gain from mashing buttons you have to move a lot on your own and switch weapons up to gain an advantage it's very different from past final fantasies and i love it. it just makes me more excited to see how the combat is going to work out in Final Fantasy VII remake

    3. SilreV


      YES!!! FF7. Need new pants moment.
      but the system needs tweaking. When the fight is in bushy areas. the camara is your worst enemy.
      theyneed to either work that shit out. or just make the bushes and trees disappear when they or in the line of sight between you the gamer and you the player.

    4. Totainium


      yeah the camera did get trapped behind things and sometimes in small corridors it was messy, i also noticed the camera would change its saved setting to Middle and would not move if i changed it to default or far it required me to get into either a shop or the car to fix it

  6. Good morning everyone!

    1. GordonMMC77


      Good Afternoon!


    2. JessePYRO16



    3. Savage


      Good morning!

  7. Thanks for the follow!!

    1. Totainium


      no problem thanks for following back! :D

  8. http://twitch.tv/totainium http://twitter.com/totainium
  9. if there is a community team starting up i would be most certainly interested in joining! congratulations on getting partnered its quite the achievement!
  10. @TrixieGem i will do a brief write up about my channel very soon, most likely in the introductions part of the forum ^^
  11. this sounds like a great idea i will follow everyone that has already posted on this and stop by any active streams. my twitch is http://twitch.tv/totainium
  12. just wanna thank everyone that has already followed me on my current channels really appreciate it and i will get round to returning the favor as soon as i can. Unfortunately i cant do it from work XD and my PC is currently in storage so i will address that as soon as i can as i want to get back to streaming!

    1. SilreV


      as long you are on time while we start invading. 

  13. G'Day!


    1. Totainium
    2. GordonMMC77


      Time to play on the Minecraft server.. (again) I am having a ton of enjoyment playing Minecraft. I might play abit more on Riptide.

  14. I appreciate the follow!

    1. Totainium


      likewise thank you very much for the follow also! :)

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