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  1. Happy Birthday TiaF24!

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  2. He had a photographic memory that never developed.

  3. 50FOLLWER psn giveaway follow Tia @http://www.twitch.tv/tie_tiaf24

  4. Sorry! My Karma just ran over your dogma.

    1. UnseenProof


      that was so wack lmfao T

  5. Featherless Birds

  6. hey you..thanks for being in stream and playing last night

    1. TiaF24


      oooo im in the need for some more quiplash lol set it up xD

  7. Trying to be annoying today, noones yelling at me yet ;( *tries harder*)

    1. UnseenProof
    2. TiaF24


      pssst hey hey pssssst hey proof pssst hey hey lol

  8. Lovin the new website Layout ;)

  9. Hey Miss T Long Hru?

  10. hey whatcha looking for T?

    1. UnseenProof


      lol i see u searching

  11. [sharedmedia=videos:videos:326] Voting has started on Project Nebula contest entries! Every vote counts Vote for your favorite Today! http://t.co/pz5l1EN7WC
  12. Enjoying The sunshine!

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