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  1. Hey everyone! I am in the mood to play with some zombies! Check me out at twitch.tv/thelvl1king for some They are Billions!

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  2. Jumping on to finish up my playthrough of claire A for RE2 classic for the N64. Check it out at twitch.tv/vettedgames

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  3. , CGN 8a2a6dba91acf65b308acebc26ef5cb8

    Giving Away a Copy of Anthem!
    Simply Re-share and Reply to the post below!
    Will announce the winner on Sunday Night!


  4. Wanted to thank CGP for the game! It was dope!

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    1. zheck


      You said CGP, but I knew what you meant @CGN 😛

    2. thelvl1king


      Oh my bad man I wasn't paying attention! 

  5. Just got started here on CGN, I have seen the service all over on twitter and thought it might help get my content out there! Looking forward to seeing what kind of community I can build on here!

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  6. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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    1. zheck


      Welcome to the platform 🙂

    2. Ikacake


      Welcome to CGN-Platform!

      Feel free to ask questions if you need help the Support button is on the bottom right cover!

      Also, be sure to stop by the introductions forum To make an introduction!!!

      Link below!

      ---> Click Me Introductions Forum Page!

      Be sure to connect your stream to your profile.
      Link below!

      ---> Click Me streams/submit Page!