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  1. You should not ask for a follow but ask people to come check out your content and if they like your content then ask them to hit that follow button and tune in for more good content and there are many ways getting followers with out asking for a follow
  2. Going Live with some fortnite Action come show some love and raise money for CGN mobile App

  3. Looking for 2 ppl to help with the forge in Destiny 2 GT theillest27

  4. We Are Live with Some Destiny 2 content come check it out!!!!!!

  5. We Are Live With Blackout!!!!

  6. We Are Live With BO4 Blackout Action come show some love!!

  7. We are Live with some BO4 come drop in and watch some content and hang around

  8. Alright community we have a long road head of us my goals is to reach 500 followers and become partnered with CGN and keep going up after that... excited to meet you all and have some fun time in streams..... i will be doing a 100$ giveaway once we reach 500 followers 

  9. Thanks for the follow!

    1. NotEvilerFlunky


      np just wanted thank you for the tips on the stuff probably would not have even seen it lol. 

    2. theillest27


      No problem

  10. Hello everyone I'm a upcoming streamer I very active with my viewers and play with my viewers. Just here to give good content and network with other ppl

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