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  1. Hey thanks for the follow sweetie

  2. Thank you for the follow @TheFreakZone I gotcha back love??

  3. Thanks for the follow @TheFreakZone ! Much appreciated! ?

  4. Thank you for the follow ?

  5. Thanks for the follow ? 

  6. ahh see i didnt know that it was that actual placement of the stream i thought it was like copying the feed from one to another.. so that makes sense...welp...then shake the tree and poke the beaar i shall lmfao
  7. nononono i was thinking of something lik a restream but specifically CGN where it wouldnt require that lol.. just a way to rip it? in that form
  8. well then @zheck i shall poke the bear lol.... i love pissing off the "guardians" and the staff apparently im peoples " spirit animal" becaus ei dont hold my tongue and dont give a shit who i piss off lmao... let the games begin!!!
  9. @zheck the real persont o see if you can talk to would Be Tidy.. he created Tidylabs.stream , hes a streamer on the platform , and i believe also staff.. Talking to him would probably make it easier to get a hold of charles (ceo) the two of them are pretty good friends.. or during one of the DLive community topic streams bring it up in there.. If youd like i can do poking around.. im kind of the villain partner on dlive so poking the bear is my specialty lol
  10. I notice how Mixer and Twitch are have a great integration here on CGN.. I myself used to be from Mixer, now on DLive, was wonderign what everyones thoughts maybe on DLive and if or when integration may come to CGN
  11. new to this community.. Seems interesting and looking forward to seeing what its all about here


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Hope you love us daddy! 
      I mean freak duggh hi! 

    2. TheFreakZone


      well arent you adorable. lol so far so good


  12. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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    2. Legit_Dinosaur


      Hiya @TheFreakZone
      Love your icon it looks spoooooky! 

      tenor (7).gif

    3. TheFreakZone


      lol thanks.. im working on all new branding material everything i have right now is old and needs an update badly.. just to busy making overlays and logos and what not for others lol.. but thank you.. nice to know my old stuff holds up lol


    4. Legit_Dinosaur


      Not a problem at all yo! overlays are cool! 
      iv just been making some twitch emotes for myself! 
      I say twitch more just art for me haha 

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