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  1. Its been a while since I've been on here! Well time to grow again!

  2. Giveaway-Shadow of Mordor Plus Some other random games! in 10 minutes https://mixer.com/thefabldone


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  3. No stream today unfortunately, Need to take care of some things for the home :D

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  4. Spoiler

    Playing some Fallout 4 modded :D  https://mixer.com/thefabldone join me here or at https//cgn.us/thefabldone


  5. More Fallout 4 Today @CGN @watchmixer  https://www.mixer.com/thefabldone

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    2. TheFabldOne


      I got some mods put in to enhance the gameplay :D


    3. zheck


      Yes it is. I temporarily hid the link for a bit

      But you can access by going here --> https://cgn.us/clothing 


      Also, don't forget to apply for our new Partnership Program :D 



    4. davrimgaming


      @zheck lovely swag! I will be checking some of that out to add to my broadcasting collection. Also love the Partnership program! Can't wait to explore more with CGN, this is pretty cool

  6. Whats up Lagby!

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  7. No streams today :(

  8. Live with Minecraf/Portal knights and Overwatch! www.mixer.com/thefabldone

  9. Live with More minecraft/Portal knights and some Overwatch!

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  10. Going live Shortly~Learning all about that Vanilla Minecraft! www.beam.pro/thefabldone


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  11. Hey guys Live w Paladins! and Multi-stream!


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  12. Hey guys No stream today! Need to relax from some workouts!

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  13. going live w/ mario kart 8! www.beam.pro/thefabldone in the next 20 minutes

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  14. G'morning everybody! We're going live with Some Minecraft~! again! https://beam.pro/thefabldonefabledXminecraft.png.11e14a77737183b2ad968e1c9b774e17.png

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