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  1. About to go live with Battlefield V multiplayer!

    Come join in and hang with me for awhile :D


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  2. Hey there, thanks for the follow!

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    1. Darkreaper8527


      Any time!!! Hope to see ya around! 

  3. Hey everybody!

    About to start my stream of Fallout 76!

    Come watch all the goodness.

    Fallout 76.jpg

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  4. Time to shoot up some folks (and be shot up myself) with some Battlefield V multiplayer!

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  5. Hey all!

    About to start the slaying of some teenagers over on my twitch channel. Come join in on the festivities!


    Dead by Daylight.jpg

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  6. Why hello there my CGN family!

    I just uploaded a new video onto here (and onto my youtube channel)

    So why not have a look see and tell me what you think about it?


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  7. Hey there folks! I hope you enjoy this little video I whipped up about one of the most astounding features in Spider-man (2018)! I tried to use mostly early game footage as not to spoil too much for anyone who wants to try the game out themselves. Which by the way, I highly suggest picking this up. Seriously, get the ****ing game! I'm not getting paid to promote the game or anything, it's just that fun to play. Sort of like a web-swinging Arkham game.
  8. Hello once again my people!

    I recently posted a new video on my youtube of me playing the beta for Black Clover Quartet Knights.

    Never heard of it? Neither had I!

    But if you're feeling super nice and what not, why not give it a look see?

    Thanks and have an awesome day!


  9. TheDorkKnightDefective

    Black Clover(WATCH) Quartet Knights [Beta]

    Ahhh! Black Clover, an anime that I have little to no knowledge about. But in this video, I give the Beta for the game the old "college try" Turns out, this is another Overwatch clone, just not in first person...and with Black Clover characters.
  10. Hey everybody!

    Just shooting out that I posted my video on Far Cry 5's DLC "Lost on Mars"

    Please check it out...if you want....no pressure.


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  11. TheDorkKnightDefective

    Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars

    In a world, not so different from our own, lives a man. A man, who is out for diapers and other baby supplies. Gets beamed up to Mars by his annoying redneck buddy to battle aliens and awake the full power of an A.I. That man, is YOU...or me in this case...technically it's a character named "Nick Rye" from the main story of Far Cry 5. But **** that shit.
  12. Thanks for the follow!

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  13. About to go live once again with Dead by Daylight.

    Let's show that killer we won't take his crap!

    Come hang out :D

    Dead by Daylight.jpg

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  14. About to go live with some Dead by Daylight!

    Dead by Daylight.jpg

    1. Foxboxunion


      Killer or survivor?